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M400 Transport Bottom Coding System

Digital Design's M400 Transport System has been a standard in the packaging industry for years and fits easily into any production line. The M400 also facilitates the mounting of most Ink Jet printers to satisfy all your non-contact needs, and a variety of roller-coders for contact applications. Production speeds are variable up to 200 feet per minute and a conveniently located motor speed control allows the unit to match line speeds exactly.

Changeover from one container size to another is accomplished via independently adjustable transport belts. Having been designed and engineered to handle varied sizes and shapes, the M400 adapts to a number of unusual imprinting requirements.

Moving parts have been shielded with sheet metal to comply with safety standards
Product Transport
Using two horizontally mounted and synchronized cushioncore timing belts extended 7.750" at infeed and 7.000" at discharge, the M400 overhangs in-feed and discharge conveyers, thereby eliminating deadplate transfer. Belt gripping action on container is adjusted by hand wheel. Off center coding is obtained by turning hand wheels located on each side of the machine.
Product Size Range
Height: 1" (25mm) to 12" (304mm)
Width: 1" (25mm) to 7" (177mm)
Length: 1" (25mm) to 7" (177mm)
For other sizes consult factory.

Printing System
The M400 can be equipped with the appropriate hardware required for Ink Jet printers.

Standard: .25 H.P. U. S.
Varidrive open drip proof motor with starter. 110/220 volt single phase, 60 Hz., 900VA wired for 110 volts.

220/440 volt motor
Extended in-feed or discharge
Heavy duty casters
Explosion proof operation
Ink Jet mounting adapters
Flexographic mounting adapters





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