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Optional Equipment and supplies to help you make the most from the GENESIS products
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The M400 Transport is a very versatile in-line product for allowing the printing on the bottom of any product. Its twin side belts grasp the container while still on the discharge conveyor and support it for the 30 inches of travel through the M400 Transport. The container is then placed on the infeed end of the adjoining conveyor, for nearly seamless movement. Although specifically designed for the Genesis products, the M400 Transport will adapt to any ink system.
The Operations Kit includes a variety of parts and supplies that help you keep your Genesis Small Character ink jet functioning and running properly.
micros.jpg (4013 bytes) The Genesis systems are very flexible right out of the box, however, there may be times when expanded memory is required. The option offers: 96 character message length, Automatic Repeat for web printing, programmable solid print bar, Special Sequential Numbering features, and extended memory to double the storage capacity.
pedestal.jpg (3876 bytes) The Genesis products are complete with all the mounting bracketry for most normal conditions. In the event that you want to floor mount the Genesis, we offer an inexpensive pedestal. The pedestal stand offers the convenience of fixed mounting to the floor by bolting the feet down, or the flexibility to quickly relocate the Genesis to another production line.

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