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The controller is the heart and brains of the GENESIS system. It is completely portable and communicates with the print station(s) via an Infrared Link, much as a TV remote control. It is powered by 4 pen light batteries that will last for at least a year. All commands that need to be executed by the GENESIS are entered into the controller.

The software features that are included with a GENESIS system are:

  • Selectable languages for operator prompting during message entry
  • Battery backed up microprocessor
  • Multi-dot control for each of the three character sizes
  • Sequential numbering, unlimited string length
  • Time entry, including selectable military format
  • Date entry, including Julian and date offset coding
  • 50 message storage capacity
  • Up to 32 characters in a single message
  • Intelligent Shift Code entry
  • Product counting during preset time intervals
  • Special Characters, including logos
  • Virtual control of most interactive elements of the system